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Exports-reports-downloads tab

Exports-reports-downloads tab

Exports-reports-downloads tab

This page allows you to choose which types of data (addresses) or files (such as .jpg or .mp3) you want to be exported, or downloaded, or reported. This is separate from choosing what types of data or files to have Net Prospector search for. In this way, you can find a lot of data using Net Prospector, but you don't have to see it all in the reports, or you can pick and choose for different reports.

In the display, only 'Addresses and Leads' are selected. As you can see, many other file types can be selected on the left.

In the second screenshot, the right side is expanded to show all the types of things the program will look for in addresses. It does a good job for phones, zip codes, and states. All the other items are touch and go. But they produce an interesting report

A good option to see is the 'Complete address' option, because you can usually edit it to get the correct address for a company.

But, if all you want is phone numbers, you can export or report a pretty accurate list, with their web sites. This will make a good prospecting list.