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Net Prospector 2000 History

Net Prospector 2000 History

 Box angle

Net Prospector Sales lead generator was originally releases as Net Prospector 2000 in the summer of 2000. That's why '2000' is in the name. You can read the press release about it here.

The product at that time did the following:

  • Scanned search engines for matches to keywords
  • Retrieved email addresses
  • Put them in various contact managers (ACT!, GoldMine, Microsoft Outlook)
  • Put them in Access, Excel, or a text file.

Due to Spam concerns use of the email function has been limited since then.

The product was in all the major retail stores, including:

  • Comp USA
  • Frys
  • Micro Center
  • J & R Computer World
  • Data Vision

Selling price was $99.99

Just to give you some history of the product, we have included some box shots below:

(Click images below for a full size view of product box shots.)

 Box front Front view

 Box back Back of box

 Box open The box opened the front flap to show more info to the customer

 Box open Box flap open, another view

 Box open Box flap open, view 3

 Shelf view
The box as it appeared on the shelf

 Shelf view Box right side view